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Faggiano Consulting offers an extensive career coaching process for recent college graduates.

We are not a recruiting agency that will find you just any job. Rather, we are a one-to-one coaching service that will establish a personalized plan that will help you find the right position.

We'll teach you the basic tools you need to find the position that best fits your career goals and lifestyle. We are actively involved in helping you find that position and become a vital career resource once you begin working.

Frank Faggiano, Founder and CEO, Faggiano Consulting

In each of his 21 years as head of HR, Faggiano was an integral part of the CEO's staff. In that time he coached and advised senior management on "people" issues during every possible phase of business -from expansion and acquisition to contractions, reorganizations, and the sale of two businesses. He is a skilled interviewer with a keen eye for talent and a passion for helping shape individual growth and development.

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