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Q: Who can benefit from Faggiano Consulting's services?
A: Our services are designed for any recent college graduate who does not know what their career path should be. These services can also benefit anyone who is already working but knows their current position is not the right one. We can help that person determine which career path best matches their skills, interests, and personality.

Q: What is included in the cost for Faggiano Consulting's services?

A: Our full process includes the career assessment phase through the development and implementation of the career plan. Also included are 12 months of one-to-one career coaching after the client has secured a job.

Q: I need help launching my career, but I am not sure where to go. How can Faggiano Consulting help me determine if their services can help me?
A: In order to launch your career, call or email Faggiano Consulting to schedule a preliminary meeting. We will help you determine how our services can help you launch your career. There is no cost for the preliminary meeting.

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